About Us

Shahroz Sports has been the leader of innovation and quality in manufacturing Custom Team Uniforms, Gym Apparel and Fitness Gear. We provide unique services, products and meet more than customers expectations. But commitment to the game goes beyond what we provide.

We never lose sight of our vision to make people feel good, through the products and the service we provide every day. We are dedicated to provide Total Customer Service.

Shahroz Sports manufactures fine quality Sportswear, Casual Wear , Gym Apparel as well as team uniforms including Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby and Baseball.

  • The mission of the FAC is to be a leader in designing, developing, innovating & manufacturing the high-quality Sports Apparel and Gym Apparel for the complete satisfaction of the demands of world customers.
  • Meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, design, durability, functionality and Value.
  • Efficient R&D team strive to be recognized as a successful market-leading international manufacturing company producing the best quality products in the market.
  • Focus on sustained profitability to ensure the Company’s and its employees’ future growth and Development.

We are using different Kind Of fabric such as Imported/Local Fabric, Knitted/Woven, Mix Cotton/polyester polyester/Cotton, Coated/Uncoated and special fabric on demand of our customers.

We always employ skilled worker Who are continuity engaged in producing high quality products for our customer satisfaction to maintain the standard from raw material to final products with latest machines and equipment so this is the reason we are working with famous brand in whole Europe.

Who is the KING and who eventually help pay the bill at he end of the day. If the company can keep her customer happy, all thing will go perfect as the all thing run around customer in the capital society.

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